What Is Critical Race Theory?



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“Using an example from case law, involving a Native American couple charged with negligent homicide of their baby, she asked her audience how race and level of education should bear on the outcome of the case. Should the impoverished couple, neither of whom had a high-school education, have known that the baby’s swollen tooth could create an infection and result in death? What if they didn’t have money to go to the doctor, or they had a reasonable fear, as Native Americans did at the time, that the state would take their baby away if they sought medical care? What are the costs and benefits of considering a defendant’s race and class? What does it mean to create a “reasonable person” standard in the law? Who defines “reasonable,” and what kinds of people might be excluded as a result?

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Video: AIPAC attendees slam Netanyahu’s racism when they think it’s Trump’s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5_kDcrT24w On Monday, thousands of supporters of Israel filed into the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, to watch the Republican presidential candidates address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most influential arm of the Israel lobby. The line to get in spanned an entire block and wrapped around the corner, and was the…

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4 people are killed by police each day, on average

Recent @RudermanFdn White Paper on #Media coverage of #police violence and #disability covered @NBCNews https://t.co/G553FawvTq @AriMelber

— Jay Ruderman(@JayRuderman) March 15, 2016

Dashcam Shows Cop Dump 16 Rounds into Fleeing Vehicle, Killing the Driver — He Is Still a Cop

Santa Fe, NM — Just after 1 am on Nov. 7, 2013, New Mexico State Police Officer Oliver Wilson saw Jeanette Anaya turn right through a green light from Alta Vista Street onto St. Francis Drive. Wilson claimed Anaya had committed a traffic violation, although the video does not appear to show one.

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This is why #DisarmCops 

Blood-chilling VIDEO: IDF Soldier Seen Executing Unconscious Palestinian Man

(RT) — Shocking footage has emerged online apparently showing an Israeli soldier executing a wounded Palestinian lying on the ground. The victim had reportedly been injured in retaliation for a stabbing attack before being cold-bloodedly shot in the head.

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@ShaunKing: N.C. just passed the “most anti-LGBT bill in the country” and it’s disgusting

@ShaunKing: N.C. just passed the “most anti-LGBT bill in the country” and it’s disgusting

NYTimeseditorial: Transgender Law Makes North Carolina Pioneer in Bigotry https://t.co/Oef8tLJnHt #ncleg #ncpol #HB2

— Eunice Rho (@EuniceACLU) March 25, 2016

Why did North Carolina's anti-LGBT law pass while others failed? https://t.co/V2UhxCgGU6 pic.twitter.com/O4OtnMrnMr

— The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) March 25, 2016

Shame on North Carolina for passing an absolutely retrograde bill that destroys protections for LGBT Americans https://t.co/UkEDeBRn7K

— NowThis(@nowthisnews) March 24, 2016

North Carolina just re-legalized LGBT discrimination — in and out of the bathroom https://t.co/uIpBGmFnFe pic.twitter.com/du7ARYV5xN

— VICE News (@vicenews) March 24, 2016

Police Body Cams Capture the Public Execution of Unarmed Mentally Ill #FreddyCenteno

Fresno, CA — On September 3, 2015 at approximately 11:00 a.m., Fresno Police Officers, Zebulon Price and Felipe Miguel Lucero shot 40-year-old Freddy Centeno seven times causing severe injuries. Mr. Centeno was unarmed, was wearing shorts, no shirt on, and walking along the street when he was approached by Fresno Police who immediately started shooting2

Freddy Centeno would not recover from the multiple wounds suffered at the hands of these two Fresno cops

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This is why #DisarmCops 

VIDEO: Gang of NYPD Cops Attack & Arrest Mailman for Complaining About Their Driving

Brooklyn, NY – Moments after an unmarked NYPD car nearly drove into his mail truck, an on-duty U.S. Postal Service worker was immediately arrested for shouting at the reckless plainclothes officers. Due to the fact that the cops were caught on cell phone video arbitrarily arresting a federal employee, they may face federal violations for failing to follow procedures, including leaving a USPS truck unsecured in the middle of the street

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Groups urge hate crime charges in Milwaukee triple homicide

By Ashley Luthern of the Journal Sentinel

Representatives from more than 22 organizations in Wisconsin on Friday called for the triple homicide of a Puerto Rican man and Hmong couple by a white suspect to be prosecuted as a hate crime.

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