Do Not Send Us Bottles of Water. Instead, Join Us in a Revolt

  1. Demand the removal and arrest of Rick Snyder, the Governor of Michigan.
  2. Make the State of Michigan pay for the disaster that the State of Michigan created.
  3. The federal government must then be placed in charge.
  4. Evacuate any and all Flint residents who want to leave now.
  5. For those who choose to stay in Flint, FEMA must create a temporary water system in each home.


If you want to help Flint, sign the petition, demand that the federal government take action, and then get involved yourself, wherever you live, so that this doesn’t happen to you — and so that the people we elect know they can no longer break the law as they rule by fiat or indifference. We deserve much better than this.


For a better world,


Michael Moore


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