Laquan McDonald

Laquan McDonald (1997?-2014) was a 17-year-old Black American teenager killed by Chicago police on the night of October 20th 2014. His killer, Jason Van Dyke, was White. McDonald was armed with a knife – but was shot in the back.

On that night
, McDonald was walking down the middle of the street with a knife. He does not seem to know what is going on.Four police cars show up. McDonald is walking away from the police when one of the officers shoots him. McDonald spins and falls to the ground. For the next 13 seconds the officer keeps shooting. McDonald’s body moves only when struck by bullets. They kick away his knife – and then leave him there like a piece of trash.

He was still alive when the ambulance arrived, but died on the way to the hospital.

The next morning
 the medical examinercounts 16 bullets, two in the back.


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