Man Says Border Patrol Ran Him Down

LAREDO, Texas (CN) – A Border Patrol agent chased down an unarmed fleeing man and ran him over, a reckless pursuit that got the agent’s vehicle stuck on the banks of the Rio Grande, the injured man claims in court.
Rogelio Marquez Rodriguez, 36, says he “crossed into the U.S. from Mexico, without inspection, to pursue dignified, fair, lawful economic opportunities” and was rudely greeted by overzealous Border Patrol agent Richard Edward Oelfke-Philip.
Marquez sued the United States of America on Tuesday in Federal Court. Oelfke-Philip is not a defendant.
Marquez says he did not have a weapon, nor did he fight with or threaten Oelfke-Philip before the officer saw him running toward the river on Aug. 18, 2012 in Laredo and hit the gas.
“Due to the violent force of the impact, Mr. Marquez’s body was thrown a few feet away from the vehicle and it immediately caused him serious personal injuries and severe pain, suffering and discomfort that left him splayed on the ground unable to get up,” the complaint states.
Marquez suffered a broken arm and back injuries that still give him shooting pains three years later, he says.

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