#BlackLivesMatter Tweets 10.30

#BlackLivesMatter Tweets 10.30

Family Has to Sue After Killer Cop Murders Their Unarmed Son On Video & Got Away With It

Having been completely failed by the justice system, the family of a young man murdered by police has to seek justice through the civil court.

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Assault at Spring Valley High

At Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, police officer Ben Fields used force to remove a student from class. That was on Monday October 26th 2015. It was caught on video by three students with mobile phones and it spread like wildfire across the Internet. The videos show a Black girl sitting at…

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#Immigration Tweets 10.29

#Immigration Tweets 10.29

Democracy Requires Real (and more) Debate: Demand a #BlackLivesMatter Presidential Debate

UPDATE 10/22/15 regarding DNC response to our campaign (Full Statement Linked Below):

It is a given that our network, in collaboration with our allies and supporters, will conduct issue forums and town hall meetings at the local, regional and national levels to help our communities make informed choices in 2016 that help advance our collective interests.

We want a debate supported by the DNC that will speak directly and proactively to the issues impacting black people in this country….

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