Memorial Space at Andy’s Park is Restored!

On Friday, July 17th, someone (yet to be identified), removed almost everything from the park’s altar. There were no more flowers, photos, and the roof of the tarp was removed. We don’t know how it happened.The community once again joined together to help show that this is a sacred space, and that we must remember what happened here if we are going to have a truly good park for the neighborhood.As of July 31st, the altar and some new memorial items are back!
Thank you to all who continue to fight for Justice for Andy Lopez and for Andy’s Park!To learn more about the progress of the park, and to get directly involved…visit theSonoma County Regional Parks page!And if  you are interested in participating, please call or email the Regional Parks Project Manager, Scott Wilkinson at (707) 565-2734 or  or Shared Spaces Participatory Designer, Steve Rasmussen Cancian at (213) 400-5426 or .

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