Sam Dubose

By Abagond


Excerpts from @getgln


Sam Dubose (1971-2015) was an unarmed Black American man who was shot dead by police in Cincinnati, Ohio after a Routine Traffic Stop. At 6.30pm on July 19th 2015


The video shows Tensing repeatedly asking Dubose for his driver’s licence. Dubose is sitting in his car looking for it.

Then Tensing, telling Dubose to take off his safety belt, tries to open the car door! Dubose tries to keep the car door closed and starts his engine.

Tensing reaches into the car and tells him, “Stop!” – and then shoots him in the face (fuzzed out in the video).


In the US in 2015 so far, police have killed over 550 people.

This is only the fourth time anyone has been charged with a crime.

– Abagond, 2015.


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Sam Dubose was the same age as me.