Philly Cops Didn’t Know they were On Camera as a Dozen of them Tore Into Tyree Carroll

East Germantown, PA — Multiple Philadelphia cops are under investigation after a video surfaced this week that shows at least a dozen of them waylaying a man lying facedown in the street.

Tyree Carroll, 22, was stopped in April by three Philly Cops. According to his family, Carroll was riding down the street on his bicycle the wrong way, and this prompted the police to stop him. His family also said that at a preliminary hearing one of the officers testified that he stopped Carroll because he just spoke with two men, and they suspected him of buying drugs.

The video picks up after Carroll was allegedly complying with officers to stop and get off of his bicycle. However, according to Jasmyne Cannick, an LA-based blogger, police quickly escalated the situation and Carroll found himself in a struggle with three armed attackers.


The video shows the officers repeatedly pummelling Carroll. He’s struck multiple times by all three officers just as more cops arrive to inflict more pain.

“Here I come! You’re getting f**king tasered!” Screams the officer arriving on scene, seemingly excited to get there to enact his violence.

They too join in on the beating.

Then, even more cops show up, and they join in as well. At this point, one of the officers can be heard screaming, “He f**king bit me!”

According to Cannick, Carroll admitted to biting at an officer’s hand saying that he had to because he was unable to breathe.

During the struggle, the officers can be heard yelling “tase the motherf**ker” and one of them called him a “piece of sh*t.”

Also during the struggle, Carroll can be heard screaming for his grandmother Nancy Carroll to come to the door.

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