No Charges for Atlanta Police Officers Who Shot Detained Mother Dead in the Back of Police Vehicle

By Caleb Gee


Head over to Color Lines to read the mind-boggling account of Alexia Christian’s murder by two Atlanta police officers in the back of a police vehicle after she allegedly attempted to shoot them. How she managed to get ahold of a gun from one of the officers seated in the front seat while she was handcuffed and restrained in the back is anyone’s guess. This follows an array of supposed back-seat “suicides” in the back of police vehicles within the past 3 years in which detainees are alleged to have shot themselves using somehow undetected weapons while their hands are cuffed tightly behind their backs. In one such case, that of Victor White III of New Iberia, Louisiana, an autopsy proved he died from a gunshot to the chest. Yet somehow authorities continue insisting he committed suicide and the maintain that the cops who undoubtedly shot him are “innocent” in the eyes of the law.


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