Black Spring

The Black Spring
 (2014- ) is the name some give to the current protests in the US by Blacks and others, especially those against police brutality.

It gets its name from how it is oddly like the Arab Spring
 of 2011 in

Egypt and elsewhere:

  1. Lack of human rights.
  2. High rates of poverty and unemployment that the government is doing little about.
  3. Use of Twitter and street protests.
  4. The government answering legitimate demands with a police crackdown. Go back to Step #1.

There is a difference
, though: in the US the protesters in Egypt were seen asheroes, while protesters in the US are ignored or called “thugs”, even by a Black president.

I date the beginning of the Black Spring to Ferguson in 2014.
 There were protests before that, like for Rekia Boyd and Kimani Gray, and huge ones for Trayvon Martin.


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