When Baltimore police broke Freddie Gray’s neck, the president said nothing.

When the police, who had arrested Freddie Gray for running, would not arrest anyone for killing him, the president said nothing.

When the police would not say who killed him or how, the president said nothing.

When the people of Baltimore protested, day after day, the president said nothing.

When some protesters broke car windows and shop windows, the president said nothing.

But when people in West Baltimore rioted, robbing and burning a CVS pharmacy, owned by the 12th largest company in the country, a White-owned business, the president spoke out.

He called what the rioters did “violence”, but not what the police did.

He called the rioters “thugs”, but not the police.

As if the rioters had killed someone, not the police.

As if it was the CVS pharmacy that could never be brought back, not Freddie Gray.

The president said the “violence” was “counterproductive”. He, the Drone Master himself. He who helps Israel bomb women and children.


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Source: abagond.wordpress.com


In a capitalist country, what is the best way to get the attention of those in charge?


PS – President Obama called those who started the fires in Baltimore ‘thugs’. Shame on him. No human is a thug. Civil rights activists know we the disenfranchised and disrespected are being pushed into a corner and are crying out. The president has not called the police ‘thugs’ for killing #FreddieGray


Thug is the new n-word.


The word ‘thug’ is dehumanizing, just like the n-word.


Drop the t-word