segregation academies

A guest post by Jefe:

Segregation academies
(1955 – ) were set up by whites after Brown v. Board (1954) to circumvent desegregation. They proliferated in the 1960s-1970s in response to court desegregation orders. By the 1990s, following white flight and residential resegregation, many either shut down or were compelled to admit non-white students. Today, they remain a bastion of the “Black Belt”, particularly the Mississippi delta.


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The comments by Trojan Pam are as good as the article.

Trojan Pam’s site digs into the Doctrine of White Supremacy to make sense of all this segregation.


Another thing happening in the world of segregation is that there are bilingual immersion schools and non-bilingual immersion schools. Some children receive the advantage of learning two languages and some do not. Interestingly, it’s the majority White schools that are usually left out of the advantage of bilingual education.