ICYMI: Man Pointing Gun At Police and Children NOT Killed By Police [VIDEO]


More news has been discovered giving validation to the belief that only black men are shot and killed by the police.
A video released from August 7th, 2014 reveals police responding to a man, Lance Tamayo (age 45), waiving and pointing a gun at men, women, and children in Mission Bay Park, San Diego, but not fatally shooting to kill the individual.
This is a stark contrast to the what has been seen in the media where unarmed, black men have been shot multiple times and killed by law enforcement. The black men being shot by police are filled with bullets, where in this case with the white man waiving his guy was only shot one time and then negotiated with to move away from the gun as he fell.


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Source: urbanintellectuals.com


When police shoot unarmed Black and Latino men they shoot them MULTIPLE times and then do NOT provide medical help.