WATCH: Ohio State Students Get a Hefty Dose of the Police State for Celebrating Football Victory


Columbus, OH — Ohio State won the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday, but the way police responded to celebrating students was a loss for all.

“We are just innocent students celebrating our football team,”
 one person told the the Columbus Dispatch.
Upon news of the victory, overjoyed students took to the streets in a carousing yet peaceful manner late Monday night. But their revelry was short lived as the police state descended on Columbus.
Video published by the Columbus Dispatch newspaper showed a militarized police force callously doling out tear gas and pepper spray on completely peaceful students, whose only crime was happily celebrating their team’s victory.



If a person has asthma or a heart condition, how does pepper spray effect them?


Also, why do government leaders allow the police to continue to do this to us?