Andrew Hawkins


Andrew Hawkins (1986- ), an American football player, is a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. Like other Black sports figures in the US in the past few weeks, he protested against police brutality. On Sunday December 14th 2014 he walked out onto the field wearing a shirt that said:
“Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford III”
Tamir Rice, age 12, was shot dead by police in November; John Crawford, age 28, in August. In both cases:

  1. White police officers rush up on a Black male with an airgun and shoot him down.
  2. The police investigate themselves.
  3. A grand jury makes a decision whether to put the police officers on trial.

In the Crawford case the grand jury has already said there will be no trial.


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And remember, these air guns were NEVER pointed at the police.