Samuel L. Jackson Just Challenged Celebrities to Call Out the “Violence of the Racist Police”


In a bold move, heavyweight actor Samuel L. Jackson has issued a call to action, similar to that of the ice bucket challenge, but for police.
Saturday, on his facebook page, Jackson offers to “all [the] celebrities that poured ice water on [their] head, a chance to do something else.”

Jackson challenges celebrities to sing the “We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free” song.
The song starts off with a reference to Eric Garner’s last words.

I can hear my neighbor cryin’ ‘I can’t breathe’

Now I’m in the struggle and I can’t leave.

Callin’ out the violence of the racist police.

We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free.

We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free.

Jackson then ends the 47 second challenge asking celebrities to “come on, sing it out.”
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