Knox College lifts suspension for player’s Ferguson protest


Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, reversed its decision to suspend a women’s basketball player who protested the Ferguson decision right before  a regulation game in St. Louis, County Missouri over the weekend.
“I could not go into that gymnasium and pretend that everything was okay. I could not, in good conscience, I could not play that game,” said Ariyana Smith, a junior from New Lenox, Illinois.


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These ‘team players’ are the WORST, clueless uneducated about solidarity and uneducated about human rights and uneducated about social justice, college students to not back their Black teammate during the largest Civil Rights protest period since the 1960’s Civil Rights marches.


And if her ‘team players’ are not uneducated then they are heartless as hell – I’m calling out both heartless and uneducated.







Privileged people who don’t get it are making me sick to my stomach.