Indianapolis newspaper alters, then deletes racist Thanksgiving cartoon following complaints


Responding to criticism that a cartoon depicting undocumented immigrants coming through a window to share Thanksgiving dinner with a white family was racist, an Indiana newspaper edited out the stereotyped housebreaker’s mustache, ostensibly to make the cartoon seem less racist.


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This is what #xenophobia, #racism and white supremacist patriarchy look like – the cartoonist and the white family in the cartoon.


The dad is holding the turkey as if he did all the cooking.


And Instead of inviting Latino guests or Native Americans to their dinner, they the cartoonist depicts that Latinos are breaking into their house – because, you know, all Latinos are criminals.


The doctrine of white supremacy does this. It always flips the script to make white people appear as the norm and the law abiding while making people of color appear as invaders and law breakers.  And Euro-Americans do all this while living on Amerindian land.