Second jury deadlocks on charge Detroit officer Joseph Weekley wrongfully killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Another jury failed to reach a verdict in the case against Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley, who was charged in the fatal shooting on 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones.



To be clear


  • This girl is dead because the police thought it would be a good idea to burst into a FAMILY home with a flash-bang and guns blazing.
  • The police thought it was a good idea to burst into a BLACK FAMILY’s home with A&E film crew to document the criminality of a BLACK family member.
  • What happened is that the WHITE police officer has shown himself to the the OPPRESSOR that he is.
  • The whole damn SYSTEM has shown itself to be the Oppressive New Jim Crow system that it is.
  • Add to the list of the four little precious Black girls killed in Birmingham Alabama, another precious little Black girl – Aiyana Stanley-Jones killed by a racist society.


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