Cop buys mom car seat instead of ticket – CNN Video


A Michigan police officer buys a needy mom a booster seat instead of issuing her a ticket. WXMI has more.





This is not how people in the community of Ferguson are treated.


I’m calling out White privilege.


If this mom was not white is would go like this:


  1. Child Protective Services would take her child away.
  2. Mom would be ticketed for the infraction.
  3. Mom would not have money to pay ticket.
  4. Warrant for arrest of mom is issued.
  5. Mom is stopped for looking suspicious.
  6. Cop runs mom’s id and finds there is a warrant out for her un-paid fines.
  7. Mom is incarcerated until she can be bailed out.
  8. If she is ever released from jail she is billed for her food, housing and administrative costs.
Did you hear the words ‘tough on crime’ in this story? No.
Did you hear the words child endangerment? No.
I’m calling out double standards, hypocrisy and racism in the U.S. police force.