Migrant Child Labor in the United States [VIDEO]


Posted on July 21, 2010 by WITNESS

This post was written by Chanchala Gunewardena
, (Clark University 2011), Summer 2010 intern in WITNESS’ Communications department.

Last Thursday, WITNESS was invited to The Paley Center for Media for a screening of a special segment of NBC’s Dateline, titled America Now: Children of the Harvest. This piece, a follow up to a 1998 Emmy Award winning report on migrant farm workers and their families, attempts to see, what has developed and changed in the lives of a particular group of people twelve years on. More specifically however, it is focused on the issue of child labor, as migrant families who work in the agricultural sector tend to be assisted in their work by their whole family, including children under the legal working age (for this specific sector) of twelve.


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One thought on “Migrant Child Labor in the United States [VIDEO]

  1. Thank you Glenn for highlighting this important and underreported story. Here in Arizona I am all too aware of the injustices and indignities faced by immigrants. Your activism has encouraged me to soon begin to cover such issues on my own blog. I get so distracted by global issues I oftentimes forget to speak about the issues happening in my own community and Nation. I feel being I live in Arizona and have lived here all my life I should speak out for those who live here who often are ignored or spoken out against. I must also focus on helping my neighbors for they too are part of the world. Thank you for reminding me of the human rights issues happening in my own backyard.

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