White Supremacy Real Or Imagined


I have asked myself this question since I lived through and felt the indignity of Jim Crow. How can the minority people of the world have so much control over every other culture on the planet? I had to explain to my grandson, when he asked me why black people are called “minority.” He went on to say, he did a Goggle Search and found that white people are, and he said, “in fact are the minority people of the world!” When I was twelve, I had no idea this was a fact nor ever thought about it. Nonetheless, I told him it was because of White Supremacy.

His next question was – what does that mean?


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Dr. Martin Luther Kings called it the ‘doctrine of white supremacy’.

When using the word phrase ‘white supremacy’, I add the word ‘doctrine’ to the front to be clear that it’s a way of thinking.

I also like to remind people that Black people created White people, and Black people created all people.