Suicide, Kids Giving Up Hope: A Heartbreaking Local Story and Memories Of Losing My Friend To Suicide At A Young Age


Last night I first heard the news that an 11-year-old San Tan Valley, Arizona boy whose father was a police officer committed suicide.  Samuel Epps, 11, became upset after an argument with his father, went into his parent’s bedroom, locked the door, took his father’s unsecured 9mm handgun and fatally shot himself in the head.  Every indication pointed to suicide and not an accidental shooting.

Initial reports stated that there was no known mental health conditions the boy suffered with nor was there ever any indication he had thoughts of hurting himself or thoughts of suicide.  Sadly in Arizona there is no law that requires a gun be locked up and kept out of the reach of children.  There are laws on neglect though which this case could fall under.


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