Not White Privilege – Oppression of the Black and of the Poor


Bill O’Reilly brought Megyn Kelly on his Monday show to have a discussion about the concept of “white privilege.” He asked Kelly if she believed it was real.

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O’Reilly says that culture is the issue.


The issue is the culture of the privileged classes oppressing people of color and the poor.


Both O’Reilly and Kelly never mention oppression, racism and poverty.


The Huffpost article talks about this being a conversation about ‘white privilege’, but then Kelly goes on to quote statistics caused by lack of wealth, opportunity, oppression and racism.


White privilege is about whites getting the benefit of the doubt while people of color are thought to be guilty at the slightest perceived possible misstep.


White privilege is not about opportunities through wealth. That would be called ‘wealth privilege’.


O’Reilly and Kelly need to go back to school.


They can start by reading Peggy McIntosh’s  ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack’