Israel destroys high-rise building in Gaza [VIDEO]



In what many Palestinians are calling “Gaza’s 9/11,” Israeli warplanes today destroyed the 12-story “Zafir 4” residential tower in Gaza City’s Tal al-Hawa neighborhood.

This video captures the moment. It appears that the building was struck by two missiles.

The tower was part of the Zafir complex and contained 44 apartments housing about 240 people. Residents had reportedly received warnings to leave the building, but medical officials said 17 people were injured, four of them children.

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights states that the building was attacked by Israel “without giving any specific explanation that can be verified.”

It adds: “Al Mezan’s investigations indicate that no military activities took place in or around it. Hundreds of its residents; most of whom are families headed by employees of the Palestinian Authority, were displaced.”

At least ten Palestinians were killed in relentless Israeli airstrikes across the Gaza Strip on Saturday, mostly women and children, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Human rights groups have condemned Israel’s deliberate targeting of civilian homes and infrastructure, but amid international complicity and silence, it has continued the practice unabated.

At least 2,103 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since 7 July, Ma’an said.


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