War in Gaza: Operation Protective Edge (2014)

Operation Protective Edge
 (2014) is the current military operation the Israeli government is carrying out against Gaza, the third in the last six years. It began on July 8th.

To review:

  • 2008-09: Operation Cast Lead: killed 1,417 Gazans, 13 Israelis.
  • 2012: Operation Pillar of Defence: killed 150 to 233 Gazans, 6 Israelis.
  • 2014-: Operation Protective Edge: killed, so far, about 1,460 Gazans (mostly civilians), 63 Israelis (nearly all soldiers). Over 250,000 Gazans have fled their homes.

Meanwhile, since 2006 Gaza has been under siege by Israel. It is almost completely cut off from the outside world. That is itself an act of war, making Operation Protective Edge merely the latest stage of a long Gazan War. Some call it a genocide.


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Source: abagond.wordpress.com