Why Are There No Black Men on Argentina’s Roster?


There are no black players on Argentina’s roster. Actually, there are hardly any black people left in Argentina period.

In colonial times, the proportion of Africans hovered around 50 per cent in half of Argentina’s provinces. General José de San Martín, the revolutionary who lead the charge to gain independence from Spanish rule, estimated that there were 400,000 Afro-Argentines who could be recruited to his armies. Black men made up 65 per cent of his troops.


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Source: www.huffingtonpost.ca


This article reminds me of what Germany did to Jews; of what the U.S. did to Native Americans; and of what the U.S. continues to do to Black and Brown people in the U.S.



In 2010 Native American’s made up about 1% of the U.S. population. They used to make up 100% before Europeans arrived.


Black and Brown people are targeted in the U.S. by Mass Incarceration, the War on Drugs, New Jim Crow, and Planned Parenthood Centers.


Planned Parenthood Centers are opened in Black and Brown communities to offer free birth control and abortions.



When the War on Drugs removes Black and Brown people from the community, that eliminates their ability to procreate while they are incarcerated. When they are released, they have a felony conviction and can’t get a decent job to support raising a family.