Asian-Themed Duke University Fraternity Party Ignites Fury


Duke University’s Asian Students Association is outraged that a fraternity opted to throw a party based on Asian stereotypes, complete with geisha hats and all. In an email announcing the triumphant return of Kappa Sigma Asia Prime, the opening exclamation is “Herro Nice Duke Peopre!!” Exactly, horrible.

The Duke Chronicle
 that the party was renamed “International Relations” after someone complained to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. However, the Asian Students Association says that the party (which they called a “racist rager”) went on despite the change of name.
Yesterday morning, Facebook photos of the party were posted around campus in protest, but members of Kappa Sigma removed them. “This is not just about Asians, one party or one frat,” explained senior Ashley Tsai. “This is a consistent thing happening. We want serious things to be done by the student body and the University so that this never happens again.”