One thought on “Children on their way to get ice cream stabbed in elevator, police say

  1. Horrific… What a awful and senseless crime. Someone would have to be insane or without human emotion to stab to death children like that. I just read a story of two 12 year old girls stabbing a friend 19 times who may very well die. We live in a very violent society with some very violent individuals to say the least. I long for the day when we as a society reject the violent culture of which we currently live in and get serious about treating the dangerously mentally ill before they hurt someone. Most who are mentally ill are not dangerous, even most of the seriously mentally ill are not dangerous, but there is a small percentage that is. We need to identify them and get them help before more senseless and horrific crimes happen. We can’t prevent every tragedy but we can certainly prevent more than we are currently.

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