Biracial Woman Talks To KKK Members To Confront Racism Face-To-Face

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“Most people would be afraid to confront a member of the Ku Klux Klan to talk about racism, but one filmmaker has made it her mission to do just that.

Mo Asumang, daughter of a black Ghanaian father and a white German mother, is literally challenging racism head on.”


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Community Village‘s insight:


She’s super brave. I’m scared to death of the KKK. Although, I’ve read that some will have a dialog if you engage with them – just like in this video.

People apply labels to groups, then that label makes us frightened. But they are human. And often the ‘normal’ person is the one who does something crazy.

I think many people, including the media, the military, and religious groups attempt to over simplify the complexity of human relations, especially the fact that everyone has the capacity to do good or bad.

The human mind is so interconnected and influenced with the culture and community that it lives in, it’s easy for humans to get their ideas twisted, and many never have the opportunity to study philosophy, anthropology, sociology, biology, intercultural studies, nor the opportunity to travel the world. And even with the power of the internet (YouTube ‘university’) – there is still so much ignorance and hate.

The world is in a constant battle between ignorance and knowledge, bad and good, yin and yang.


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