Empty the Prisons, Fuck the Courts!


“It’s not often I use profanity to ‘make a point’. Some would suggest such profanity is even unacceptable in context of a serious discussion. But with respect, what is more profane: the use of expletives or the fact that Black persons are incarcerated at six times the rate of whites? Rephrasing Malcom X, can someone be put on a stove and not be expected to scream? And we hear this scream everyday. The ‘senseless violence’ of America’s ghettoized communities is the scream of the colored body still sitting on that furnace. The collision of social forces, violent antagonisms, and a legacy of oppression exploding forth in a stream of destruction all too real for those who live it everyday.”




  • Social Construction of Justice
  • Illusion of ‘Objectivity’
  • What About the State?
  • Rethinking Justice

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