Florida City’s ‘Stop & Frisk’ Nabs Thousands of Kids, Finds 5-Year-Olds ‘Suspicious’

Stop and Frisk Quota Policy at Miami Gardens Police Department Results in Over 99-thousand Stops in a City of 110-thousand people.


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Anger over another killing of Latino by Salinas police

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“Police in Salinas shot and killed a suspect armed with gardening shears Tuesday, but some residents who viewed a video of the deadly run-in on the Internet say the officers went too far.”



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This was the second shooting of a Latino by Salinas police in less than two weeks.

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LOOK: Racist Note Left On Red Lobster Receipt

A waitress at a Red Lobster in Franklin, Tenn., was reportedly left a racist message on a receipt over the weekend, according to multiple reports. In the tip section, instead of leaving a gratuity, the customer apparently wrote, “None n**ger.”

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Harvard Students Stage Silent Sexual Assault Protest At Commencement (PHOTOS)


“Graduating students at Harvard University donned red tape on their caps and gowns during commencement exercises Thursday in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a show of protest against the school’s sexual assault policies.”

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Settlement of Asians in the Deep South (1763 – 1882)

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Governor Powell Clayton of Arkansas observed:


Undoubtedly the underlying motive for this effort to bring in Chinese laborers was to punish the negro for having abandoned the control of his old master, and to regulate the conditions of employment and the scale of wages to be paid him.”



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U.S. business leaders always want the lowest cost labor.


When U.S. unions demanded a living wage with reasonable benefits, instead of complying, businesses moved their manufacturing out of the U.S.


Money and manufacturing easily cross borders. However, (im)migration laws make it difficult for people to cross borders.

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Racial Inequality Is Getting Complicated. Eric Holder Explains How.


“This weekend, on the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board, Attorney General Eric Holder delivered an important speech on race and inequality. He emphasized the persistence and power of social stratification, compared with the superficiality of racist remarks by Cliven Bundyand Donald Sterling. Holder called for an “honest, tough, and vigorous debate,” setting aside simplistic answers and instead speaking “forthrightly about these difficult issues.””

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Some Perspectives on Memorial Day


“Choking back tears, Christian Golczynski accepted the flag from his father’s casket. Photographer Aaron Thompson described this moment as ‘the most emotionally moving event I may have ever witnessed and may ever witness in my life’.”
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Important article.


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Pegoda took the thoughts right out of my head.


And, most would also agree with Dr. Martin Luther Kings views on non-violence. King was against war in general. 


When you see how sad it is for the children, spouses and parents who have lost loved ones to war, it makes one question what the logic is with all the invasions and fighting.

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Race Basics: The Trouble With White People


The whole article is worth reading, but if you don’t have time, here are some highlights:


“In this struggle we can’t give up on white people. I know this will disappoint some more militant (or maybe just sick and tired) readers, but unless we can move more whites onto our side, we will never end racism.

But, whites’ relative proximity to power doesn’t make them evil, just more influential.

The white middle class in the U.S. rose from the rubble of the Great Depression as a result of an economic stimulus package of programs and policies that was won by the Roosevelt administration. But winning that package of programs required cutting a deal with racially conservative Southern legislators that made Roosevelt’s stimulus racially exclusive.

Those government programs that created the white middle class were paid for by every worker, including workers of color.

Race is a cage that keeps all but the most powerful among us trapped in perpetual insecurity, fighting against one another for privileges rather than with one another for power. But the bars of that cage are tempered not just by privilege but by fear.

We need to approach the project of winning racial justice as a struggle against fear.

In order to win against racism, we need more than criticism of those who appear to be hoarding the goods. We need solutions that make room in our still far from complete democracy for all of us so that none of us need fear exclusion, exploitation, and the humiliation of being denied basic human dignity. And isn’t that what justice is all about anyway?”

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