‘He looked like he was heading into war’: Georgia FedEx gunman wounded 6 with shotgun before suicide

A 19-year-old gunman carrying explosives burst into a Georgia FedEx facility Tuesday “like he was Rambo,” wounding six people — three critically, officials said.

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Shocking Number Of Innocent People Sentenced To Death, Study Finds


“More than 4 percent of inmates sentenced to death in the United States are probably innocent, according to a study published Monday that sent shock waves across the anti-death penalty community.”



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The video in this post they never mention the word bias. The judge and jury can both have racial bias, gender bias and other types of bias.


Next question. How many innocent people are incarcerated?

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Holder: DOJ To Examine Racial Bias Data In Criminal Justice System

On Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder (pictured) announced tthe Justice Department’s aims in collecting data on stops and arrests in order to combat racial bias in the criminal justice system. In…


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“…Department wants to peel back the layers of the data to see if there is a trend that suggests bias.”


There is bias, and racism too.


Michelle Alexander already figured that out and documented it for you.

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Tennessee policeman fired after photos show him choking student

NASHVILLE (Reuters) – A sheriff in Tennessee fired an officer after a British newspaper published photographs on Sunday that showed him choking a handcuffed college student until he lost consciousness.

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Nominations for Asian American History Month


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is almost upon us! Nominate or second topics you want to see posts on.  My own suggestions: Chinese Exclusion Act, Islamophobia, Asiaphilia, …



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