MSNBC is Doing Asian Americans No Favors


“When it comes to racial diversity among the Sunday political talk shows, MSNBC is the undisputed leader. In two studies conducted by ChangeLab(January-June 2012, and January-June 2013), MSNBC’s anchor weekend talk programs, Up with Chris Hayes/Steve Kornacki and Melissa Harris Perryincluded more guests of color and hosted more discussion of issues of race than all of the other networks offering similar programming combined. The difference is not just in quantity but in the depth and quality of the discourse. Now, mind you, the standard established by the major networks is set pretty low, but they do at least exceed it.”




Community Village‘s insight:


Ignoring groups and spreading misinformation about them is a form of oppression.


And the continually message that some groups are better than others is also a form of oppression.

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