Cadillac Made A Commercial About The American Dream, And It’s A Nightmare


“There are plenty of things to celebrate about being American, but being possessed by a blind mania for working yourself into the ground, buying more stuff and mocking people in other countries just isn’t one of them.”



Community Village‘s insight:


Another reason I’m not gonna buy any product by Ford (the owners of Cadillac). 


Ford is the company that intentionally bought lower priced tires from Firestone that they knew were not rated to support the weight of the Ford Explorer. Then, tires started failing, causing rollovers and over 200 deaths.


Now this Cadillac commercial is trying to sell us on how great the U.S. is by bashing other countries.


One line says “We’re the only ones going back up there”, referring to going into space. They can’t even get their bashing correct.


Citizens of 38 countries have flown in space, and China and Russia have current space programs.


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