Lupita Nyong’o Wins Oscar For Role in “12 Years a Slave”


“Lupita Nyongo’s image was recently altered in Vanity Fair magazine to lighten her skin tone. But as you can see in these photos, she’s absolutely beautiful just as she is. And she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress! ”



Community Village‘s insight:


I love that Nyongo won and that Halle Berry had won for Monsters Ball in a previous year.

But what does it say about the U.S. that Black women only win an Oscar if the role they win for was when they were playing the abused or disrespected Black woman.

Next, I want to see an Oscar awarded to a Black woman for playing a role where she’s not being abused or disrespected.

And a curious double standard in U.S. culture is how the U.S. is mostly modest in terms of covering our bodies, even on the vast majority of beaches. However, these two women only won their awards after their bodies were bared on screen.

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