Sheriff’s Report on Migrant Killing Raises Concern About Impartiality


“San Diego: On Tuesday, February 18 at approximately 6:40 AM, a Border Patrol agent shot and killed 41 year-old Jesus Flores-Cruz, a Mexican national, while in a rural area of San Diego County about 5 miles north of the Otay Mesa border crossing. The name of the Border Patrol agent has been withheld.


The San Diego County Sheriff’s press report on the homicide describes the person killed as the “suspect” and the person who killed him as the “victim.”


In response, Pedro Rios, the program director for the American Friends Service Committee in San Diego, issued the following statement on behalf of the Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC):


“We are concerned that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is predisposing this investigation to bias by identifying the person shot and killed as a suspect at the initial stages of the investigation. This positioning endangers the impartiality in this case and our coalition has asked the Department of Justice to intervene to ensure a thorough and impartial investigation. The Justice Department is now reviewing the incident.”



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