Tavis Smiley – Week Five 2014

Tavis smiley

Edgar Barens – “Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall”


Twenty percent of America’s prison population is elderly. And in the next decade, nearly 100,000 inmates will die alone in their cells. One maximum security prison created a hospice program to care for dying inmates. The documentary, “Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall”, follows one inmate as he approaches his final days. The film’s director, Edgar Barens, joins us to discuss his Oscar-nominated short film.



Bill Fletcher Jr. – Traveling Through Palestine

Last month, a small delegation of African American artists traveled through Israel and Palestine to get a firsthand look at the daily lives of Palestinians. What they saw shocked and angered them, and their eyewitness accounts are sure to spark debate here as heated as any confrontation in the Middle East. Bill Fletcher Jr., senior scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, led the delegation and shares his perspective on the region. On the Ugly Side of the Wall By Bill Fletcher, Jr. “It felt like being in a huge prison.” That was how I responded to questions I was asked after leading a delegation of African Americans on a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories this past January. Yes, there are other ways of describing the experience. The land is beautiful; the people are generous; and with every glance, one sees reminders of a history dating back thousands of…


Isabel Allende – “Ripper”

Isabel Allende started her career as a prominent journalist in her native Chile. She became a political refugee after her cousin, Chilean president Salvador Allende, was overthrown and killed in a coup in 1973. As an exile in Venezuela, she reinvented herself into a human rights activist and author. More than 30 years later, she’s internationally renowned for her work. She joins us to discuss her latest book, “Ripper”.

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