The Bay Area’s Faculty Student Mismatch


“Below is a glimpse of data on the representation and diversity (or lack thereof) of university professors relative to student demographics in San Francisco Bay Area campuses. The article, White professors still dominate Bay Area colleges as student bodies grow more diverse, gives a bit more context to the issue. Unfortunately, this phenomena is not unique to the Bay Area. For a scholarly and feminist perspective consider checking out, Presumed incompetent: The intersections of race and class for Women in academia.


A very important issue as the representation of students of color generally, and Chicano/Latinos in particular, continue to rise.”


Community Village‘s insight:


Notice how the hiring of faculty is way out of proportion to the demographics of the student population. What do you think accounts for that?

Structural, institutionalized and personal favoritism?

Another way to look at this chart – if you combine the Asian and White groups together in the pie charts those groupings are then a fairly close match between the two columns of Faculty & Students.


Steven Riley, and others have mentioned that Asians are the next group that may likely ‘become white’ – in the way that Italians, Irish, Jewish, Middle Easterners and Egyptians have become culturally ‘white’ in the U.S. and on the census.

If you group Black and Latino groups together in the pie chart, the numbers also somewhat match between the faculty and students columns.

It’s also interesting to note that UC Berkeley is the only university to successfully hire a matching percentage of Black faculty compared to their student population.



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