Growing Togetherness Through Decolonization


“Throw away culture is one of the hallmarks of modern western civilization.


Disconnection, coupled with gross privilege, has created a society in which many people have grown to believe if something or someone isn’t instantly and perpetually gratifying, then they should be discarded in favor of finding another new, fresh, more perfect experience.


The idea that we deserve a new, more satisfying experience on demand is sold to us every day in advertisements, on the internet, and in movies and television.  These messages simultaneously teach us to desire the things we do not own, and fear we are missing out on something cool or important.


As a consequence, people are becoming more like objects, to be thrown in the trash when they seemingly become broken or obsolete. Happiness grows more defined by the ease and immediacy in which we get our individual desires satisfied.


This objectification has destroyed the ancient, holistic understandings around “togetherness” and building relationships of love not just for “Me” but for “We”.


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