Wiyot People of California


Joe McGinnis (Wiyot from the Bear Creek branch), Nicole McGinnis (Hupa Tribe), and their daughter, Tea

Joe McGinnis (Wiyot from the Bear Creek branch), Nicole McGinnis (Hupa Tribe), and their daughter, Tea

Population Numbers and Declines

Year    Population or Change
1770   1,000 to 3,300

1858    State militia unit (Trinity Rangers) killed Northern California Natives rampantly for 5 months and were mustered out of service. –North Coast Journal

1860    Twelve massacres over 2 to 5 days by lynch mob of European settlers –North Coast Journal

2004  477


1860 Wiyot Indian Massacre

1860 Wiyot Indian Massacre

Indian Island, Humboldt Bay, California

Indian Island, Humboldt Bay, California

In the early hours of Feb 26 1860 the Whites began their 2 day massacre (up to 5 days by other accounts) on at least 12 CA Indian sites. Dulawat village on Indian Island, on the lower Eel River, at least two locations on the South Spit, at Table Bluff, in the Fortuna area, in the Rio Dell area, at Humboldt Point, several ranches on Elk River, and the village of Kutserwalik at Bucksport.

Cousins Matilda and Nancy Spear gathered up their three children at the start of the massacre and hid with them on the west side of the island. Afterwards, they found seven other children left alive. They put the entire group in a canoe, rowed them across the bay, and then walked to Matilda’s husband’s homestead in Freshwater.75 Nancy later described the massacre to her nephew: “They came like weasels in the night, crawling on their bellies. We were without any men to protect us. We had never fought the white men and had thought they were our friends.”
– (The Matilda & Nancy Spear Memorial Foundation. Brochure. Photocopy in the “Indian Island Massacre” file, Humboldt County Collection, Humboldt State University Library, Arcata.)



The Wiyot people have recently had 40 acres of Indian Island returned to them.  –North Coast Journal 2004

Immigration reform advocates demonstrate in over 200 congressional offices


As 2013 comes to a close and Congress prepares to wind down, advocates are making a forceful push for immigration reform. From the Capitol to the National Mall, immigration activists turned out in large numbers to show support for comprehensive reform.

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Smiley and West – Noam Chomsky: The Final Smiley and West

Smiley and West PRI podcast

Smiley and West PRI podcast

M.I.T. professor emeritus Noam Chomsky reflects on eight decades of struggle.

Plus, Smiley and West share highlights from their favorite conversations and say goodbye.


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Remembrance, reconciliation are focus of Dakota 38+2 Riders


NEW ULM – On horseback, bundled against the cold, a band of riders passed near New Ulm Tuesday, one day away from arriving in Mankato to commemorate one of the saddest, angriest moments in Minnesota’s history.


The Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride originated in Lower Brule, S.D., has been making its way across South Dakota and southern Minnesota to Mankato, where on Dec. 26, 1862, 38 Dakota men were hung in the largest mass execution in U.S. history. Two other participants were hung elsewhere. It was the final act in the US-Dakota War, which had raged across this area in August of 1862, but just the beginning of the U.S. war against the Native Americans that ended with the Wounded Knee massacre. It was an act that has affected the souls and psyches of the survivors and relatives of those involved in the war, even today.


Since December 2008, the Dakota 38+2 Ride has covered the 330 miles from the Lower Brule reservation to the hanging site in Mankato.

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Fruitvale Station

MUST READ: Michael B. Jordan opens up about the pressures of playing Oscar Grant and the importance of sharing his story in Fruitvale Station during a recent interview. CHECK OUT Michael B Jordan’s…

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Interview with Ancestral Pride: Indigenous Land Defenders


Radio-BED sits down with Crow and Sacheen of Ancestral Pride for a necessary conversation on land defence, Idle No More, settler solidarity, nationhood and going home.


In this special report, Ancestral Pride schools listeners of all nations on the reality of the struggle for safety and self-determination and the importance of asserting and re-asserting Indigenous jurisdiction and authority over lands that have never been surrendered.


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