The ‘Knockout Game’ Is A Myth

Video from around the world has been edited together to make it appear as though there is a “new” game among African-American youth called “The Knockout Game.”


Community Village‘s insight:


Click through to see the 19 minute video which has been edited down from a one hour and five minute video.


After reading The New Jim Crow, I can really connect the dots with what mass media does to demonize black people.


European-Americans make up 70% of the U.S., but how often does mass media make a demonizing news segment out of the behavior of a single European-American in the way that this story does.


When a European-American shoots up a school or theater, the media doesn’t say that it’s a new mass shooting game.


The U.S. seems to have a difficult time acknowledging that any individual can need mental health care. And we know that there can be numerous road blocks in accessing a psychologists. One needs insurance, time and transportation to even begin the process, and poverty makes all three of those hoops more difficult to get through.



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