Renisha McBride


“Renisha McBride (1994-2013), a 19-year-old Black American woman from Detroit, was shot dead in the nearby White American suburb of Dearborn Heights at 2.30am on Saturday November 2nd 2013.”


“The state has a Stand Your Ground law, like Florida where Trayvon Martin was killed. As journalist Rania Khalek notes on her blog:


The problem with a law like Stand Your Ground is that it excuses and encourages deadly force against “perceived” threats. In the United States, where implicit and structural racism persists on a vast scale, is it wise to empower people who almost certainly have irrational and racist fears, to kill instead of call police who are trained (at least they’re supposed to be) to deal with potential threats?


Race also appears to play a significant role in whether a homicide is deemed justifiable. A recent study conducted by John Roman of the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center found, “the odds that a white-on-black homicide is ruled to have been justified is more than 11 times the odds a black-on-white shooting is ruled justified,” a reflection of the racial disparities that plague all aspects of the US criminal justice system.”

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