72 Year-Old Man With Alzheimer’s Killed After Ringing Bell At Wrong House

72 year old Ronalld Westbrook, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, wandered away from home and was shot four times and killed after ringing the doorbell and turning a doorknob at a house in Geor…

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Cops in Miami Gardens, FL Arrest & Abuse Residents Simply for Showing Up to Work (this is not an exaggeration!)

Miami Gardens, Florida is a place where racial profiling is carried out so often and so maliciously by police that even local business owners have had enough of it.

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No Thanks to Thanksgiving


By Robert Jensen, AlterNet


“One indication of moral progress in the United States would be the replacement of Thanksgiving Day and its self-indulgent family feasting with a National Day of Atonement accompanied by a self-reflective collective fasting.


In fact, indigenous people have offered such a model; since 1970 they have marked the fourth Thursday of November as a Day of Mourning in a spiritual/political ceremony on Coles Hill overlooking Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, one of the early sites of the European invasion of the Americas.”


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By S. Brian Willson


“Let us recognize that accounts of the first Thanksgiving are mythological, and that the holiday is actually a grotesque celebration of our arrogant ethnocentrism built on genocide.”


After serving in the Vietnam War, S. Brian Willson became a radical, nonviolent peace activist and pacifist.



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This post has a number of drawings I hadn’t seen before and it covers the history of brutal U.S. oppression from the U.S. East coast, to West coast, then all the way to the Philippines.


I never knew about the “kill every one over ten” by General Jacob H. Smith in 1901.



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Happy National Genocide (Thanksgiving) Day!



“People always tell me to forget the past. I should just let it go and move on. Why do people of color always have to forget?! Would you tell a Jewish person to forget about the holocaust and just move on?! Would you tell the family of those who lost their lives on 9/11 to just forget about it?! So why are our tragedies forgettable and others are not?! I WILL NEVER forget! I will ALWAYS honor those who lost their lives unjustifiable.”


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Why I’m Thankful for 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance & Why You Should Be To


“There is resistance: in Canada it’s coming from First Nations. But it’s worth remembering that that’s a world-wide phenomenon. Throughout the world, the indigenous populations are in the lead. They are actually taking the lead in trying to protect the earth….It’s pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advanced’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction.” ~ Noam Chomsky


“The goals of settler colonial state have always been the same, remove Indigenous populations whether through extermination, relocation or assimilation, appropriate lands and resources and expand the reaches of the settler state.” ~ Matt Remle, Last Real Indians


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Mumia Abu-Jamal “Some Who Feel No Reason For Thanksgiving”

“Some Who Feel No Reason For Thanksgiving” To this day, I can hardly bear to think of that quintessentially American holiday—Thanksgiving. When I do, however, I do not dwell on Pilgrims with wide b…

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a complex and savage tale

IMAGE YOU WERE RELATED to one of the most notorious Indian killers in American history. Now, imagine you were also related to some of those Indians. You can now begin to understand the traumatic ba…


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Happy Thanks-Taking.

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Thanksgiving Conundrum


“Justin Petrone, like me, is a mixed race person with Native American ancestry, although unlike me, initially, he never thought of himself in those terms.  I’ve always known and since I was a child, self-identified myself in that way.  Like me, Justin has spent years searching for his elusive ancestors, more often than not, hidden in the mists of time with only suggestions of who their ancestors are by words on tax lists and census records like “free person of color.”


Most of the time, Native people were transparent, until they became at least “civilized” enough to be counted on the census, or taxed or they did something else to bring them into the white man’s realm.  More recently, Justin and others like us have been able to confirm, or deny, that heritage via DNA testing.  So even if we don’t know exactly who our ancestor is, we are positive THAT our Native heritage is real.  In some cases, through DNA testing we can learn which of our ancestral lines is Native.”


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