Who is doing the oppressing here?

The punch was NOT over the 41 cents.

The punch was over the disrespect. He probably waited in line for who knows how long, then when he got to the register realized he only had $1.00

She didn’t try to help him by giving him 41 cents. Instead she completely disrespected him IN FRONT of a line of customers by telling him to get out (like a dog). In other words – that he is not worth respecting, nor worth 41 cents.

She should have said “I’m sorry sir. I don’t have 41 cents.” Then, ask the customers behind him, “Hey, does anyone have 41 cents to help us out here?”

Two attitudes that don’t get along: Arrogance and Pride

She was arrogant and thought she could talk down to him.
He had too much pride to ask the people for 41 cents.

If she had more life experience – or watched the news – she would know about male aggression. Men often try to “solve” problems with violence.

PS – He looks concerned for her after he punched her. People who commit violent acts often say they “just snapped” – that they are not normally that way.

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