The North Dakota Neo-Nazi Take-Over HAS ALREADY HAPPENED (No, the bad plumbing didn’t stop them)

“Their plan and their vision is a long-term one, and we who oppose them have to have a long-term vision and strategy against them as well. If we delude ourselves into thinking that one protest, one article we forwarded on social media is the end of this fight, then Cobb’s crew of white supremacists have already won. If you don’t want to see that happen, then SPREAD THE WORD and let’s KEEP THE PRESSURE ON. They are hoping that after our single victory over them, just over a week ago, that we back off and get lulled into complacency.”


Community Village‘s insight:


What the article fails to mention is that even if these white supreamicists are ran out of that town – they will just go somewhere else and blend in.


White racism is all round and segregated cities are all over the U.S.


The U.S. should consider a “War against hate” instead of their failed “War on drugs.”



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