The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing

On Sunday September 15th 1963 the Ku Klux Klan bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing four girls: Addie Mae Collins, age 14 (1949-1963) Cynthia Wesley, age 14 (1949-1…


Community Village‘s insight:


There is an excellent Spike Lee documentary called “4 Little Girls” filled with many heart wrenching scenes and interviews of the parents, family and friends.


One of the most heart-rending and poignant scenes is when the father of one of the murdered girls shows the cinematographer an absolutely perfect photo he took of his beautiful happy daughter hugging a white doll as close as she can to her head as her and the doll pose for the camera.


The beautiful innocence of childhood contrasted alongside the hate and violence of racist adults is emotionally overwhelming. Viewing a happy photo from a grieving parent made me sad and sick to my stomach at the absurdity of the hate and violence in this world.


It’s not enough to say that one man or four men were sociopathic killers. The whole U.S. culture allows those sick and twisted people to be members of our society virtually unchecked.



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